About AISP

The Association of Information Systems Professionals (AISP) is a student organization at the University of Wisconsin - Madison aimed at bridging the gap between the academic and professional worlds of information systems by hosting a variety of events for students interested in a career in information technology. AISP’s main goals include providing:

  • Thought provoking lectures
  • Rich technical workshops
  • Exclusive company visits
  • Socials

Additionally we hope to help members meet and network with the leading IT recruiters, and leverage their knowledge and experience to to obtain a successful career.


The mission of AISP is to organize exclusive company visits, providing all members with information and opportunity to network in a smaller, more comfortable environment; coordinate rich technical workshops; and establish a fun professional organization within the Wisconsin School of Business.


We are a Wisconsin School of Business organization that will provide everyone interested in business and technology the opportunities, experiences, and confidence needed to be successful in today's market.

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What we have been doing

Over the past few years we've had members from leading industries such as:

Come talk to AISP members about their business, the current market, and interneship opportunities for members. These events have helped our members learn more about information technology inside real businesses.

Core Values

In order to achieve our mission and vision we stive to follow these values:

  • Technology
  • Teamwork
  • Networking
  • Inclusion